Top Focus Areas for Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Facility – An Analysis by John Spach
John Spach

Top Focus Areas for Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Facility – An Analysis by John Spach

John Spach even though cleanliness is an all-year-round activity. There is always something special about spring that spurs facility managers to step up their maintenance activities to face the busy summer season ahead. Some of the key areas of your commercial facility that merit special attention:

Clean and Green Up Your Landscaping 

Since a well-maintained and pleasantly landscaped environment can make your facility look more inviting. You can set the tone for the rest of the year in spring. In addition to the regular mowing and maintenance, spring is the right time for weeding, applying herbicides. Laying fresh mulch, trimming the trees, bushes, and hedges, as well as, planting new flowering plants, shrubs, and trees.

Clean Your Windows to Let in More Natural Light

The ravages of the winter can leave the exterior of your building, especially the windows, looking dirty. By cleaning the windows professionally, you can let in more natural light. That impacts positively on the mood and morale of people.

Deep Clean the Carpets, Recommends John Spach   

Facility carpets bear the worst assault due to people tracking in more mud, debris. And moisture that tends to get ground in more with people wiping their feet. Any encounter with snow and salt can not only spoil their looks but also result in long-term damage. Springtime is the best time to engage a professional carpet cleaning agency. To deep clean the carpets that will leave them looking fresh and extend their useful lives.

Refresh Your Office Furnishings

Much of the extra dirt and moisture associated with winter also find their way inside. The office and make your furnishings look drab and unclean. It is better to extend the scope of the carpet cleaning agency. To refresh the furnishings, including the blinds. To remove the dust and grime and make the interiors look fresh and inviting, advises John Spach.

Get Your Air Conditioning System Serviced

Since your air conditioning system will soon be called on to keep the facility cool. In the blazing summer, spring is the perfect time to call in the HVAC service agency to clean all the vents and ducts. As well as ensure that the AC unit is in peak working condition. It is a good time to replace worn-out parts and components that can fail suddenly when under pressure. The service team will also identify potential problems of pest infestation. And the development of mold and mildew and have them cleaned properly.

Conduct A Thorough Pest Extermination Exercise

Since major pest infestations can mean having to close down the facility for days. It is better to nip the problem in the bud with effective pest control services. While the interior is cleaned and sprayed with insecticides, the exterior should also be examined. To see if any factors are attracting the pests like standing water, garbage, food debris, or even anthills.


As each new season sets in, it provides the perfect opportunity for facility managers to inspect their properties and identify potential issues that can cause inconvenience or act as a health hazard. By planning, you can have a facility that performs well and is an attractive destination for both employees and visitors.

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