John Spach Talks about the Best Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips for Utmost Safety
John Spach

John Spach Talks about the Best Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips for Utmost Safety

John Spach no matter whether you are an entrepreneur managing a business or an employee, no one likes a dirty, unorganized place of work. A messy and also cluttered office leaves a poor impression on employees and also clients, according to the experts in the industry.

There is a need to sanitize your workplace, especially dirty areas like the reception, kitchen, workstations, and also washrooms. A responsible entrepreneur always thinks about the health of his staff and promotes professional and commercial cleaning. Tidy, hygienic, and healthy working conditions boost employee morale and also productivity. Here are some of the best ways to keep your office space spick and span:

John Spach suggests creating a checklist

Before rushing into the commercial cleaning activity, ensure you have a proper checklist so that the job is done efficiently and also on time. As far as the list is concerned, it includes all zones of your workplace that need immediate cleaning. These include desks, conference rooms, workstations, pantry, and also restrooms.

When you have a checklist in place, there are no chances of missing any area, thus saving your productive time. Things will become more organized or streamlined.

Keep all things organized

It is essential to keep your place of work clean and also organized daily if you want to make your employees work in a tidy, de-cluttered environment. Look around the workstations and also ask the cleaning experts to clear all unwanted papers messing up the desks. Ensure every staff has drawers to keep important papers, files, pens, and things like that. CEO John Spach encourages these best practices at his workplace.

The use of desk trays as well as wall pockets is trending these days in modern offices to keep all important files and paperwork safely. This way, all documentations are in one place. Try this trick and it will motivate your staff to keep papers organized and workstations tidy and super clean.

Embrace a green policy

When you encourage commercial cleaning, embrace a green policy through the organization. It means you will only allow the use of biodegradable cleaners to keep your workplace spick and also span. You will not encourage the use of harsh or toxic solutions for the safety of your employees as well as the environment.

Do not pay heed to the myths surrounding green cleaning products that they are not as effective as the chemical cleaners. These days, cleaning products have non-toxic elements for a safe environment. Ditch the use of harsh, damaging chemicals and also switch to eco-friendly options like baking soda, vinegar, mild detergents, and water. Ask your cleaning experts to use environmentally safe cleaners at all times.

Encourage proper carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning or vacuuming is imperative to get rid of dirt, dust, and also other contaminants in your office carpet. The fibers collect these elements including bacteria. Give carpets a deep cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to keep dirt, dust, allergens, and also other noxious elements at bay.


Keep these cleaning tips in mind to keep your office clean and hygienic. Take special care of workstations, kitchen, reception, and washrooms. Happy cleaning!

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