John Spach on how to secure your office environment after COVID-19 lockdown
John Spach

John Spach on how to secure your office environment after COVID-19 lockdown

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic seems to be slowing down, and a return to the workplaces isn’t that far away. However, we should still make it a point to remember that COVID-19 spreads to droplets of coughs and exhalation. This is why the infection rates shot up, and we experienced one of the worst community-spread pandemics of modern time. According to John Spach, you need to keep in mind that since you can expect a fully functioning office space within a few months, take special care to secure the common areas and surfaces to minimize a relapse or a local spread of the disease. Keep in mind that COVID-19 will persist for a few years still, and people with co-illnesses and conditions like diabetes and heart issues will remain vulnerable to the infection.

This is why it is crucial to take a few steps to protect the working environment and securing the facility.

Tips from John Spach

Maintain cleanliness

The first step is to ensure maximum cleanliness in the workplace. Ensure top-quality hygiene practices with regular cleaning of the desks, tables, and objects such as telephones and keyboards.

Promote regular handwashing

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of cleaning our hands. This is why you should encourage your staff to follow this practice diligently at the workplace as well. Maintain sanitizer dispensers and hand-rub solutions all over the premises and make sure they are re-stocked every week. You can also display posters or put up the guidance protocols from WHO or similar health-safety organizations.

Maintain respiratory hygiene

It would be best if you promoted good respiratory hygiene as well at the workplace. This is to ensure maximum occupational health and safety of your team. Ensure that face masks or paper tissues are available at all times for individuals who develop a runny nose or coughing symptoms at work. Additionally, ensure that there are covered waste bins on the premises to minimize infectious diseases and germs.

Operational procedures

You need to put forth a few operational procedures or modify the working environment and protocols due to the changing times. Keep in mind that every staff should consult national travel advice before overseas business trips. Advice your team to stay home or self-isolate at the first signs of high temperature. Display all advisory messages as posters within the premises to improve communication and staff awareness. Promote the use of N-95 and medical masks instead of cloth masks to maximize the protection of the facility.

COVID-19 management during events and meetings

Lastly, you need to think about the office events and meetings and devise fool-proof plans to avoid COVID-19 contamination. Conferences and events increase the risk since these are unwitting contamination points concerning office environments. COVID-19 can be a mild disease, but symptoms can develop and worsen extremely quickly. Therefore, you need to be very particular regarding maintaining safety protocols around events and meetings.

If you are looking to take care of your working environment’s safety, you need to hire a commercial cleaning service. Cleaning services with the latest tech and software support ensure deep cleaning and removal of debris and microbes. Take care!

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