John Spach Explains Why Workplace Safety Matters to Employees
John Spach

John Spach Explains Why Workplace Safety Matters to Employees

John Spach workplace safety matters because all employees want to work in a safe environment free of hazards. Therefore, it is the moral obligation of every entrepreneur to ensure professional safety to his or her employees. All employees commute to their office in the morning, work, and expect to return home in good health minus any workplace incidents or hazards.

Of late, workplace safety is more important amid the corona pandemic plaguing the entire world. We all know that human loss is incalculable and beyond tolerance. Workplace accidents or injuries can affect productivity and affect employee families. Here is why occupational safety is so important these days:

John Spach thinks safety at work reduces stress

The majority of employees do not feel healthy due to their hectic schedule and long working hours, work overload, and co-worker conflicts leading to stress or anxiety. It affects employees’ professional as well as personal life. Therefore, instead of worrying about wellbeing, you need to take care of your health and ensure workplace safety.

Safety does not just mean cleaning and sanitation but also maintaining a healthy work environment. You need to eat healthy lunch, take short breaks, and ensure maximum sanitation at your place of work. Make sure you schedule your tasks based on priorities to cut back on stress. Ensure workstations, pantry, and washrooms are clean and hygienic.

Managers or supervisors care about employee safety

If you do not report any workplace safety issues to your manager, how will they take a step to solve the problem? Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, you see that pantry is dirty and not cleaned for many days. You need to inform the right person. Inform your supervisor. He will shoot an email to the concerned department to ensure food hygiene in your office pantry. That is how John Spach does when he notices unsafe working conditions.

Use of correct tools carefully ensure safety

Employees who deal with tools or machinery, they should be extra careful and take the right precautions to avoid accidents or injuries. There is no point in resorting to shortcuts because if an employee is injured, his or her family suffers together with the person.

For example, if a ceiling light is not working, a worker will use a ladder to climb and fix the lighting system. He should use the ladder alone and not a chair to fix the light issues. The use of correct tools helps in minimizing workplace accidents or injuries.

A cordial workplace environment alleviates stress

Conflicts, office politics, and favoritism often result in low productivity, stress, and depression. The other reasons include long working hours, excess work, and job insecurity. Therefore, rather than absorbing the stress, it is essential to discuss the problems with your immediate manager. If he or she is a reliable and sensible person and your problem is genuine, a manager will try to provide a solution.


Now that you know that workplace safety, matters, both physical and emotional wellness, take the right steps to build a favorable work environment.

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